Now Available in South Korea!

Now Available in South Korea!

On Sunday I woke up to a surprise. I thought our online store was attacked by bots.

I thought they were bots because the number of visitors had increased 10 times.

Seeing that they were all coming from made it even more suspicious.

A site I had never heard anything about!

But it turns out that is a forum in Korea. Something like Reddit, but in Korean.

I was relieved, but then I started thinking.

What if they were talking bad about Nomad Setups?

I had to find the forum post that was creating all this website traffic.

Wow! I saw a post about a remote work setup with over 20,000 views!

Most importantly, somebody had written positively about the Tern Stand 🤗

I desperately wanted to take part of the discussion, but it was not possible to create an account.

However, seeing so much interest from Koreans, I decided to open a shipping line to Korea!

The surprise on Sunday turned out to be a very positive one. It made us very happy that so many people are interested in the portable monitor stand! 

PS! If you’re ordering from Korea, remember to include the Personal Customs Code (PCCC) when checking out. If you are a foreign national without a PCCC in Korea, you can enter your passport number instead. Packages without a PCCC number on the shipping label might be destroyed or returned. Contact us at if you have any questions.

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Hi Kimyh,

You can provide your PCCC number when checking out. There’s a field where we ask for it 😊

Alan from Nomad Setups


Where should I write the pccc number?


Thank you, Kaya!

I am very happy that you mentioned my product!

From the blog post I saw that you have an amazing setup and you did a great job building the stand yourself.

Thanks again for mentioning Nomad Setups and I wish you all the best!


I’m the one who wrote that.
I’m glad you decided to ship to Korea.
The members there are very used to buying internationally, so you won’t have to worry about PCCC.
I respect you guys for turning a good idea into a good product.

Thank you.


Hi Park,

Thank you for your interest!

It’s possible to add to cart and checkout in Korea. I have already sent a few Tern Stands to Korea without any issues!

You need to add your Personal Customs Code (PCCC) when checking out.

In case of any issues, please contact me at 😊

Alan from Nomad Setups


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