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Tern Stand | Portable Monitor Stand

Tern Stand | Portable Monitor Stand

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#1 portable monitor and tablet stand to maintain productivity and ergonomic posture while working remotely.

Our patent-pending Tern Stand is a lightweight portable monitor stand that improves your remote work setup. It fits easily in a backpack and lets you choose a setup configuration that works best for you.

The stand's legs are made from premium ABS material, and the extendable rod is crafted from high-quality aluminium alloy. This ensures that the stand is lightweight and durable. Most importantly, it will not sink while holding your device at your preferred height for long working hours.

The metal adhesive plates included with the Tern Stand can be easily attached to the back of any portable monitor or tablet.


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It's all about freedom
Experience the freedom and independence of choosing your own place of work without sacrificing productivity!

  • The Minimalist

    This setup is perfect for travelling light while still maintaining high output. Relying on the modern keyboard and trackpad of high-end laptops is completely fine!

  • The best remote work setup that enables two screen work while traveling

    The Professional

    The best choice when both screens need to be on eye level and you use an external keyboard. It resembles the traditional office setup for most professionals.

  • The Ergonomist

    A good option for those who want to have the screens on eye level, but prefer to travel light. The classic laptop stand on the picture work well with the Tern Stand.

Apply the Adhesive Metal Plate

The metal plate is needed for the stand's magnet to connect

  • STEP 1 - Choose the position on the back

    Position the metal plate at the bottom for maximum height. For heavier devices (more than 850g/1.9lbs) place it in the centre to improve stability.

  • STEP 2 - Clean the device's surface

    Rub clean the position with the included IPA wipe to ensure that the metal plate stays in place firmly.

  • STEP 3 - Stick the adhesive metal plate

    Stick the adhesive metal plate on the clean surface. The metal plate is needed to ensure that the magnet on the Tern Stand pulls the device firmly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you connect the Tern Stand to a portable monitor?

The Tern Stand is connected to a portable monitor with a magnet. To ensure that the magnet holds the portable display strongly in place you need to stick a metal plate on the back of your device (see the instructions above). The magnet and the metal plate ensure a strong connection, because the magnet has a pull force of 18kg (40lbs).

Can I use a tablet with the Tern Stand?

Yes! Many of our customers use tablets with the Tern Stand when they work remotely. Tablets can be a perfect extension of your laptop's screen, because the software may enable cable free connection.

Is it possible to remove the metal adhesive plate?

Yes, it is possible to remove the metal adhesive plate. The metal plate can be "sawed" off with something like fishing line or dental floss. The residue from the adhesive plate can be removed with alcohol or IPA wipes. In case of any questions or difficulties, please contact us at!

Can the Tern Stand handle a device heavier than 1kg/2.2lb and larger than 16-inches?

We have tested the Tern Stand with a 16 inch portable monitor weighing 1kg (2.2lbs). We recommend using a device that does not weigh more than that and is not larger than 16-inches. A device that is heavier than 1kg (2.2lbs) can wear down the stand, while a device larger than 16-inches is too big for the stand to handle.

Larger than 16-inch devices have a weight distribution that is not meant for the Tern Stand. The Tern Stand is designed to be extra portable and light. If you are looking for a stand that can handle a larger and heavier device, then please write to us at

Who designed the Tern Stand?

The Tern Stand was developed carefully by Alan, the founder of Nomad Setups. It's a one-of-a-kind product that was first introduced by us. The portable monitor stand is patent-pending. It is assembled and shipped out from Estonia (EU).

Does the magnet interfere with the electronics inside the monitor?

No, the magnet does not interfere with the small electronic components inside the monitor. 

While the magnet is strong enough to hold the portable monitor, it does not generate a magnetic field nearly as strong enough to interfere with the monitor's internal electronics. Also, the components inside the portable monitor are too small to be affected by the stand's small neodymium magnet.

Lastly, our portable monitor stand has undergone rigorous testing to meet all safety and performance standards. This includes testing for any potential electromagnetic interference with electronic devices. The results have shown that our magnet does not pose any risk to the functionality or longevity of your monitor.

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