Our Story

Alan Rebane, founder of nomad setups

In 2021, my partner and I were living a comfortable life in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, but we were striving to explore the world. We both worked in finance, and our jobs allowed us to work remotely. 👨🏼‍💻

However, our work was demanding and even the thought of working a full day with a small laptop created anxiety. At the same time, the desire to go on a journey that would give a deeper meaning to our lives was so strong that we decided to take the leap, and in April 2022, we bought a one-way ticket to Bali. 🏝️

Stockholm, Sweden, 2022

Before flying to Bali in December, I had to figure out how to work without my second monitor. Bringing it was not an option because I needed to remain flexible. 🎒

I found that there were 16-inch monitors for sale and quickly grabbed one. When I received it, I was surprised that there was no proper way to adjust it to my eye level and the display sucked. Since I was also using a laptop stand, I knew I needed to raise it somehow.

I bought many parts and built my own stand for the portable monitor. I also bought several monitors and tested the quality. After assembling my first setup, I was amazed at how well it worked, and I became confident that I could work with two screens in Bali.

And since it functioned so well, I decided to start a business around it to help others. This is how the idea for Nomad Setups was born! 🐣

First Prototype

Bali, Indonesia, 2023

We finally moved to Bali and had the time of our lives! I used my newly built setup every day. Even though it was functional, I needed to improve the stand before launching it for sale by making it more compact and light. 📈

I named the portable monitor stand the Tern Stand because the bird tern, like the digital nomad, travels thousands of miles every year to migrate to a more habitable environment.

Even though I was excited, I decided not to launch Nomad Setups from the other side of the world because I couldn't ship out the (potential) orders. I enjoyed every day in Bali but desperately wanted to introduce the product to the world!

That's when we put project Nomad Setups on hold. ☕️

Tallinn, Estonia, 2023

In the spring of 2023, we returned to our roots in Estonia (a small European country). 🇪🇪

The Tern Stand and a high-end Portable Monitor proved to be exceptionally functional. We did many designs and other prework in Bali and now had the time to launch it from Tallinn, Estonia!

Nomad Setups was coming to life. Together with world-leading designers and manufacturers, our dream was to launch the lightest and most portable remote work setup. We focused on making the most critical aspects great, such as size, weight, display resolution, and color accuracy. We decided not to include a touch screen to maintain the setup's lightweight and power consumption and reduce complexity.

We designed our remote work setups for dedicated professionals who prioritize quality and durability in their workspaces. Ultimately, we want to enable the freedom that productive remote work provides!

Launched in January, 2024 🚀